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Company Policies

We have duly prepared exhaustive terms and conditions and policy.


Dynaspede Policies

Dynaspede is a responsible service provider that takes pride in its highly organised operations and compliance to all applicable regulations. As an ISO 9001 company, we have duly prepared exhaustive terms and conditions and policy documents to stay compliant and ensure our business partners stay compliant as well.

As a responsible business entity, Dynaspede’s commitment to maintaining updated policies for various aspects of its activities and relationships is testament to the company’s objective to stay transparent, accountable, and compliant in everything it does.

Following are the summaries of our Vendor Code of Conduct & Policy; Environmental, Health & Safety Policy; and Purchase Order & General T&Cs. We have highlighted key points regarding each of these policies in the summarised versions, while concerned parties are supplied with the fully detailed policy documents at an appropriate time during our business dealings.

Purpose of The Policy

Personal Data Policy

DYNASPEDE (hereafter “The Company”) is determined to protecting the security and privacy of its customers. In other words, The Company reserves the right to decide how customers’ confidential information is kept, protected and used. With this policy document, The Company is fulfilling its duty to notify customers of the details of its comprehensive personal data policy.

This personal data policy (hereafter “The Policy”) explains how customers’ confidential information is gathered and used according to applicable information protection legislation.

It applies to all customers, potential customers, users of The Company’s website and job applicants in respect of whom The Company may hold personal data. The Policy does not form part of any contract to provide services or any other contract. The Company may update The Policy at any time without notice in advance.

It is important that customers read The Policy, together with any other privacy policy The Company may provide on specific occasions when The Company is gathering or processing customers’ confidential information, so that customers are aware of how and why The Company is using such information.

Information Safety Principles

The Company will comply with information safety law, which declares that customers’ confidential information The Company holds must be:

  • Used within legal parameters, with fairness and with full transparency;
  • Gathered only for justifiable reasons that The Company has clearly explained to customers and not used in any way that is not in line with those reasons;
  • Relevant to the reasons The Company has told customers about and limited only to those reasons;
  • Specific and not dated;
  • Kept only as long as unavoidable for the reasons The Company has told customers about; and
  • Drives & Drive Systems
  • Kept safely.

How may users’ confidential information be gathered?

The Company may gather customers’ confidential information in a number of different ways, such as when:

  • Customers visit The Company’s website;
  • Register with and buy products or services from The Company’s website;
  • Take part in promotions and competitions;
  • Contact The Company via customer services team in regards to complaints and concerns;
  • Customers apply to join The Company’s team via The Company’s hiring methods; or
  • Customers visit The Company’s offices.

The Kind of Information The Company May Hold

Personal data, or personal information, means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified. It does not include data where the identity has been removed (anonymous data).

Depending on the scenarios, The Company may gather, keep, and use the following categories of customers’ confidential information:

Name, address and postcode Without this The Company shall not know where or whom to send customers’ correspondence to.

Email address The Company may respond via email if customers send a general inquiry. If customers have agreed to receive marketing communications, these may also be sent by email.

Telephone numbers If any urgent piece of information needs to be delivered, The Company may need to be able to contact customers as quickly as possible via their personal/business phone.

Conversation If customers contact The Company, a record of these conversations may be kept.

IP addresses When customers visit The Company’s website, The Company will automatically receive customers’ IP address – a unique identifier for customers’ access devices.

Username and password The Company gathers these details so that The Company can keep customers’ information safe and have it available at hand each time a customer visits us.

Joining the company’s team Customers may need to supply The Company with details including their name, address, date of birth, employment status, educational background, and other sensitive personal data (related to customers’ health, race, religion or ethnic origin) through customers’ application and via the hiring process.

Sensitive personal data By supplying The Company with any sensitive personal data, customers agree to The Company using it and sharing it with independent entities so that The Company can provide customers with the items or services that customers requested in the way set out in The Policy.

CCTV footage and details of visitors at the company’s premises The Company operates CCTV at the company’s premises and may ask customers to sign the visitors book.

The Company may also gather any other customers’ confidential information obtained through electronic means such as telephone recordings and emails.

Using Customers’ Information

Gathering customers’ confidential information helps The Company better understand customers’ needs so that it can provide customers with a better service on its website and other assets. The Company uses customers’ information to:

Ascertain that customers receive necessary information Without this The Company shall not know where or whom to send customers’ correspondence to.

Provide customer care and conversation As part of the company’s customer care procedures The Company may follow-up, either by letter, phone, email or app messenger service, customers who have engaged with The Company or who have contacted us, posted comments about The Company on the Internet, to resolve a complaint, or to investigate any concerns.

Prevent fraud In order to protect both The Company and its customers from theft and fraud, The Company may need to look at the information that customers provide to make identity checks, as well as other information in the company’s customer records and order history. This may be passed to other group companies and financial and other organisations (including law enforcement agencies) involved in fraud prevention and detection, to use in the same way.

IT Security In order to monitor customers’ use of the company’s communications systems to ascertain compliance with the company’s IT policies and to ascertain network and information security, including preventing unauthorised access to the company’s computer and electronic communications systems and preventing malicious software distribution.

Recruit In order to consider customers for roles within, The Company will need to discuss customers’ application and customers’ confidential information with relevant employees. Only employees involved within the hiring process (mainly the HR team) will have access to customers’ information and will keep it secure. If customers are not selected for an interview their confidential information will be deleted from the company’s systems within 6 weeks. Should customers gain an interview but not be selected for the role The Company will keep customers’ details on file for 12 months.

Security and health and safety Visitors to the company’s premises will likely be caught on CCTV and will be asked to sign the visitors’ book. This is for crime prevention, security and health and safety reasons.

Keeping Customers’ Information Secure

The Company keeps customers’ information secure at all times (see below to learn how) and customers should do the same whenever they use the company’s services or websites.

Security in the company’s offices Access to customers’ information is restricted in the company’s offices and warehouses. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific role are granted access to personally identifiable information, so that The Company can provide a service to customers. The servers that keep this information are kept in a secure environment.

Security Information security is very important to The Company and The Company has taken many steps to ascertain that customers’ experience with The Company is secure and that all of customers’ information is kept safe. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of customers’ information, The Company has put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to protect and secure information that is gathered online.

Regular storage and removal Every year, The Company reviews and audits its procedures to ascertain that they remain at the superior standards of security and only those unavoidable employees have access. As a part of this exercise, The Company will only keep customers’ confidential information active for justifiable business reasons and usually remove information when it has been inactive for 12 months or longer.

Right to withdraw Agreement

In scenarios where customers may have provided customers’ agreement to the gathering, processing and transfer of their confidential information for a specific reason, customers have the right to withdraw customers’ agreement for that specific processing at any time. To withdraw customers’ agreement, please write to The Company at the address below. Once The Company has received notification that a customer has withdrawn customers’ agreement, The Company will no longer process customers’ information for the reason or reasons customers originally agreed to, unless The Company has another justifiable basis for doing so in law.

Address for Exercising Customers’ Rights

If customers wish to exercise any of their rights listed above please write to P.O Box: 42679

If customers have any questions about this privacy policy or how The Company handle customers’ personal information, please contact by email: info@ds.drmoobi.com

Vendor Code of Conduct & Policy

This Vendor Code of Conduct & Policy statement (hereafter “Vendor Terms”) defines the key rules of engagement and responsibilities of Dynaspede (“Company”) and its vendors (“Vendor”). Complete vendor code of conduct and terms are included in the vendor registration form and are shared with a potential vendor before when they wish to register as a vendor for Dynaspede.

The Vendor shall offer its products to the Company for the purpose of sale as part of products the Company designs and manufacturers for its clients. Based on market analysis conducted by the Company, the Company may make recommendations to the Vendor from time to time on the specific products and the quantities thereof.

The Vendor shall not seek to, accept from, or appoint, any other entity to provide any services or products to the Company without prior written approval.

The products offered by the Vendor must either be manufactured by the Vendor or sourced/purchased by the Vendor from third party suppliers/manufacturers (“Suppliers”) that adhere to the manufacturing and quality standards the Company follows.

Key Obligation of the Vendor.

The Vendor shall (either itself or through its Suppliers) be responsible for all warranty and after-sales services relating to the products and materials as per its standard product warranty and maintenance contracts and shall keep the Company fully indemnified in this regard.

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Dynaspede (“Company”) will take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of staff, team members, workers, visitors and contractors by complying with relevant health and safety legislation, standards, and codes of practice across all its facilities.

The Company will ensure, as far as it is reasonably practicable, that the health and safety of other persons is not put at risk from work carried out as part of its operations or undertakings. Health and safety is everyone’s business, and everyone is expected to share in our commitment to avoid all accidents and incidents, which may cause personal injury, property damage, or loss of any kind.

This health and safety policy has been established:
  • To ensure the health and safety of all workers, visitors, and contractors that come to the facilities, offices, and sites managed by Dynaspede;
  • To ensure that risks to the organisation are identified and managed appropriately; and
  • To ensure that all parties are protected by an explicit and clear set of procedures and action steps.
Furthermore, all workers have individual responsibility for health and safety. It is expected that all will:
  • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety;
  • Ensure that no action or inaction on their part endangers themselves or others;
  • Comply as far as is reasonably possible with any reasonable instruction given by the Company to comply with stated law, regulations, or safety practices;
  • Cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure that the Company establishes relating to the health and safety at the workplace or in the field;
  • Contribute to developing and managing health and safety procedures;
  • Bring health and safety issues to the attention of the Manager/Health & Safety Representative;
  • Understand and comply with health and safety policies and procedures;
  • Follow standard procedures for dealing with hazards and accidents; and
  • Report all accidents/incidents to a manager immediately.
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