Dynaspede is a trusted name in mechatronics solutions, assisting global leaders in a diverse set of industries in solving innovative component design problems with our engineering design and electro-mechanical prototyping services.

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Dynaspede Leadership

Leadership Team

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Dynaspede Team

Leadership Team

Dynaspede is governed by a board of executive and non-executive directors, each boasting an impressive profile in their domain and years of leadership experience in various disciplines. Our board is our beacon of guidance, leading us into a new era of growth and prospects whilst protecting the values the Dynaspede brand is built upon.

Mr. Pankaj Seghal
Chairman & Managing Director

It gives me great pleasure to be intimately associated with a technological company like Dynaspede. One of the fastest growing Mechatronics company in India, Dynaspede has designed and tested over 2000 products, each one being unique in its design and functionality. 

That gives Dynaspede a clear edge in custom-design of Mechatronic systems. Boasting a client list from the core defense organisations to every major automobile company in India, Dynaspede is the vendor of choice when quality, design, on time and on the money mechatronic modules is the requirement of the client. Our sales and service team are all engineers, who spend time to understand the client requirements prior to proposals, design and detailing of the solutions.

Every great company is made of its people. The men and women behind Dynaspede are a breed apart, client and quality centric. For over 4 decades, the company has excelled in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Whether as a client, or as another member of the proud Dynaspede team, I welcome you and your association with us.

Mr. Rajan Mohindra

One of the great things about a company like Dynaspede is its live-wire team, ready to take on any challenges, whether in the field of the most sophisticated missiles, aviation, or in advanced electric vehicles and related technologies. At Dynaspede, we pride ourselves in our skills to automate mechanics. 

Today, Dynaspede is engaged with clients in India’s defense organizations, automobile and industrial applications. While one cannot openly speak of ongoing projects in the National Defense due to classified reasons, I am happy to note that our company has made major strides in warehouse automation, automated vertical parking solutions, customized rigs and bench testing, all of which have fast become our areas of expertise. Dynaspede has taken strides in the international market as well, with vertical farming being an area of growth that we can see moving forward, as food security has become the buzzword that is making governments move. Dynaspede’s automation and design expertise is second to none, when it comes to developing advanced AGVs and robotics.

But as we grow bigger, we are also focussed on growing stronger. The over 250 people strong Dynaspede is slated to becoming even stronger, with growth coming in all areas of our core strengths. Training remains an integral part of growth in Dynaspede, and on the job training remains our mainstay. In a company where every new project is a work of art under construction, engineers and team members learn more, and deliver better solutions.

To all our customers on this page, I wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support. Repeat clients are 75% of our business, which is a testament to our commitment. To our employees and associates reading this page, I wish to continued success as our company continues this path of rapid progress and growth. Let’s do it right!

Mr. Murugan Sankaran

Dynaspede’s story is that of a company that has always focussed on engineering excellence. Unfortunately, quality companies often suffer from quantity contracts, as a work of art takes time to build. This has been a limitation at Dynaspede, which I am focussed on changing. For a company that has delivered some of the most challenging solutions across all industry verticals, it was a major concern that the company had a limited growth trajectory till the end of 2020. In part, that could have been due to the company being managed and run by a fund.

From the time of my engagement in the middle of 2020, it was our focus to change the way the company worked, and focus on growth and profitability. I am very pleased with the results. From a 50% annual growth rate in 20-21, we are looking forward to a growth factor of nearly 600% for the full year in 21-22. With offices all across India and a strong presence in Middle East, Dynaspede is now on a firm path to growth and profitability. We are constantly on the look out and exploring various tie-ups, associations and acquisitions, all of which are making us bigger and better, in terms of serving and meeting our client expectations, as well as turnover and profits.

I am pleased with the way the Dynaspede managers, engineers and rest of the colleagues have taken up the challenge. I find myself in the happy position of being selective in the contracts we pick, based on complications (The more complicated, the better) and other financial factors that are key to success.

To our customers, I can only say thanks. Bankers and other extended hands have been the mainstay of our growth trajectory and I would be amiss if I don’t think of them on this page. And of course, our team at Dynaspede, with that go and get it approach I am loving everyday in the office.


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