Dynaspede is a trusted name in mechatronics solutions, assisting global leaders in a diverse set of industries in solving innovative component design problems with our engineering design and electro-mechanical prototyping services.

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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

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Process & Engineering

Dynaspede has built the reputation of an expert process engineering solutions well-versed in the various aspects of advanced process development. Leveraging decades of field experience, we have delivered high-impact innovative solutions to enhance process capability to clients in various industries.

We also take pride in conceptualising, prototyping and building purpose-specific process solutions for specialised needs of our clients.

Dynaspede Load Cells are full-bridge strain gauge-based tension sensors, designed for direct on-line sensing of tension in moving paper, films, foils.

Eddy current drives are highly reliable forms of electronic adjustable speed drives characterised by near-zero maintenance and noise immunity.

For speed sensing and feedback applications, Dynaspede offers TEFT or TEFL models of tachogenerators in base or flange mounted constructions.

Measurement of shock and vibrations is a vital field of study in the development, testing and monitoring of engines, machines and systems in all segments.

Performance testing of power transmitting belts demands that they be studied under conditions of rated belt speeds and rated tension values.

Dynaspede offers unparalleled solutions in application areas of testing like motors, bearings, pumps, generators, engines, axles, gearboxes, etc.