Dynaspede is a trusted name in mechatronics solutions, assisting global leaders in a diverse set of industries in solving innovative component design problems with our engineering design and electro-mechanical prototyping services.

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Dynaspede's design solutions and prototypes are built with a blend of innovative application of design principles and finesse. We leverage our track record of success and expertise in engineering to design electro-mechanical components that perfectly address client's solution needs and deliver innovative ideas.

Multi Level Parking

Beyond the commercial malls that levy a hefty charge, multi level parking facilities are a rarity in the public domain. Under this system, cars are parked in steel pallets.

Telescopic Conveyor

Automatic loading and Unloading telescopic belt conveyors which can extend directly into containers/truck/trailers/vehicle.

Stacker Crane

Stacker Cranes are automated machines that perform the storage and retrieval of goods while working within the racking system.

Telescopic conveyor

They are popular at receiving and shipping docks where the conveyor is extended into inbound or outbound trailers for unloading or loading.

Shuttle Robot

Robot shuttles are an important new, reconfigurable form of transportation for goods and people that may even function as mobile offices, and more.

Vertical farming

Vertical farming is a way to grow and harvest crops on vertical shelves or towers rather than traditional, horizontal farming.