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At Dynaspede, we believe the company has reached another significant point in its history: we are ready to take strides in innovation leadership in a much broader sense of the phrase than we ever did before. So far, our technological innovation has been limited to creating bespoke solutions for our prestigious clients. These innovative solutions have highly specific applications, since they are purpose-built engineering design solutions.

We are preparing to spread our wings and soar towards new horizons. From vertical farming and 3D printing to unmanned technologies and electric vehicles (EVs), Dynaspede is looking beyond the limits of the known towards domains that offer a great potential for experimentation and innovation.


The People
Behind Unmanned Technologies

In the 21st century, technology is playing an even bigger role in transforming human capabilities. We are now living in a time when automation and unmanned systems are giving companies an edge over their competition by means of improved productivity, reduced errors, lowered costs, and scaling bottom lines.

However, unmanned technologies and automation are not the enemy, even though they may seem to be taking over jobs. As a team that deals with complex engineering problems in need of innovative solutions, at Dynaspede we can see the future of technology far more clearly than your average critic of automation.

Making Peace With The Future

Here is a point worth noting: unmanned technologies and automation are changing the very course of manufacturing history, much like the major innovations that came in the past. They are here to stay – because they offer too many economic benefits to be ignored. We must accept this fact, make peace with it, and focus on building new opportunities instead of wallowing on the ones we may be losing.

Paying Respect Where It’s Due

Instead of finding faults in what is inevitable, we must appreciate the benefits of these unprecedented technologies. These magnificent works are the creations of some of the finest people who are committed to building new solutions and technologies for the betterment of the world. At Dynaspede, we strongly believe in this value system and salute our designers, engineers and innovators for their brilliance and diligence.


Leveraging EV
for Good

One of the greatest technological leaps we have taken towards achieving sustainability is the advent of the electric vehicle (EV). These days, EVs come in many shapes and sizes – from buses and cars to scooters and hoverboards. With the increase in number of ethical minded consumers around the world, the automotive industry has seen a sharp incline in growth, with new brands entering the market every year.

With countless economic opportunities, what are some of the ways this technology can be great for the welfare of the people and the planet?

Endless Benefits Of EV Technology

In the mid-1900s, fictional stories and cinema gave us the vision of a future where we would have flying cars that would require no human driver and run on a sustainable source of energy. While the idea of highways for flying cars is still a dream, we already have cars that do not run on fossil fuels and possess a radically lower carbon emission factor.

Apart from this huge benefit of finding a way to transit without harming the environment, we are also reaping many other rewards of turning to EVs, including reduction in costs of maintaining a car.


Future of
Vertical Farming

In 30 years, global population will reach 10 billion.

The biggest question this number inspires is… how will we grow enough food for everybody?

This question is more important than most people think because we now know urbanisation and industrial growth have led to a significant decrease in arable land. Scientists found we have lost about a third of land that could grow food in just 40 years.

This is why experts fully support the idea of growing crops in vertically stacked layers. It will allow us to grow more crops using less ground.

Where Are We Headed?
Thanks to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) modelling, nations are investing in vertical farming done in indoor settings, inspired by greenhouses.

But what does the future have in store for vertical farming?

Owing to the very nature of the phenomenon, vertical farming is already proving to be a highly rewarding endeavour for a much more urbanised world than ever before. Since vertical farms use aero- or hydroponics(soil-less cultivation where nutrients-filled water is delivered to plant roots), these farms consume typically 90% less water than conventional farms.
Focus on Technological Future
At Dynaspede, we are quite interested in the enhancement of vertical farming. We strongly believe this method is the right approach to reshaping the future of agriculture. It brings too many benefits to the table for us to ignore it.

We are closely looking at the future of vertical farming while working on multiple technological solutions for the growing industry.

Harnessing Metal
for 3d Printing

3D printing is a globally recognised technology at this point. What most people do not know about 3D printing is the fact that it can be done using a wide range of metallic substances and even fewer know that metal 3D printing is largely cost-effective.

In the paragraphs that follow, we will talk a little bit about how metal 3D printing is done and why it is a perfectly reliable kind of 3D printing.

What Gives Metal 3d Printing A Bad Name?

The answer to that question is drenched in myths. Without knowing facts, most critics of metal 3D printing spread ill-formed opinions and myths just to give metal 3D printing a bad name. Most common among these myths and false criticisms include:

  • It’s too expensive;
  • There’s little diversity in the available technology;
  • It makes sense only for small orders and number of units;
  • Only high-end applications make metal 3D printing worth the effort and costs;
  • It builds inferior parts than those built using conventional manufacturing;
  • These printers can only print small parts;
  • And much more.


Needless to say, all of these ideas are incorrect. For instance, many manufacturers are now selling their metal 3D printers around the $190K price mark, which is extremely affordable for commercial owners.

At Dynaspede, we utilise metal 3D printing in custom tooling and prototyping stages of our projects and have delivered 100% customer satisfaction, accuracy, and durability using metal 3D printing.

Post-Covid Aerospace Innovations

Like most industries, aviation and aerospace have been brutally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, industry leaders decided it was time to innovate so they could continue to work and deliver safer solutions to their customers. For instance, to return to operations as fast as possible, airlines and airports invested heavily in innovative technological solutions to ensure they operate safely.

Primed For Innovation

Just as the aviation and aerospace industry radically innovated itself in the past when faced with global disasters and similar threats, it is ready to re-evaluate the way operations are done in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey recently, over 190 out of 200 senior aviation and aerospace executives said they strongly believed the industry would seek innovative solutions that may fundamentally change the way operations are done in the business.

Investing The Right Way
What’s critical in these times of innovative need is that aviation and aerospace companies do not throw away their money at random products and solutions being offered in the market today. They must rely on solution providers with the right credentials, portfolio, and track record to deliver on the promise of truly effective purpose-built innovation.

As a leading name in engineering design solutions and innovation leadership, Dynaspede has all of that and more. We have been serving aviation and aerospace industry for over 4 decades and can continue to be of immense help in these trying times.



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